Interventional X-ray and Scintigraphy Imaging – The Hybrid C-arm

IXSI (which stands for Interventional X-ray and Scintigraphy Imaging) or hybrid C-arm, is a brand new innovative medical imaging modality that combines x-ray imaging with functional nuclear imaging and is specifically designed for the intervention or operation room.


Diagnostic PET/CT and SPECT/CT have proven the power of hybrid imaging. Hybrid imaging is expected to also greatly benefit interventions involving radionuclides, such as Radioembolization, currently guided with x-ray fluoroscopy C-arms. Diagnostic hybrid scanners are not compatible with interventions. They are too bulky for integration, inflexible in the imaging geometry, limit access to the patient and can not handle dynamic settings very well, due to their sequential nature (first x-ray CT then nuclear SPECT or PET).


IXSI can be regarded as a smart merger between a classical X-ray C-arm and diagnostic SPECT/CT system. IXSI is based on a patented dual layer detector, that combines an x-ray flat panel detector and a gamma camera (link) .


The dual layer detector allows for a compact design compatible with a C-arm and for simultaneous x-ray and nuclear imaging, important in dynamic interventional settings. X-ray/nuclear coregistration is always perfect!

Simultaneous x-ray and nuclear acquisition of radionuclide in the liver.